Monday, 28 April 2014

My love for Pinterest!

Out of all the social media platforms out there, I think Pinterest is my favourite. I joined it in 2012, after hearing about it and I can hold my hand up and say I can be found browsing on there for hours, it is so addictive, it just absorbs your time, you have to learn to ration it. A day does not go by without me visiting it and before you know it, 1 hour has gone by, shush... not good if you should be working.

Pinterest has been one of the fastest growing social media platforms ever, it's basically a online virtual pin board, where you can share your interests. This could be anything from recipes, to how to make you own make-up remover! It allows you to connect with others, so if someone likes something that you have pinned, they can re pin it onto one of their boards, repining your items can expose your business to a wider audience. I first started off pinning my own handmade jewellery and accessories, because I knew Pinterest was a great way to get your business or service seen by others, but I also knew you could still have fun with it.

So, after starting out with one board, I now have as of today, a total of 71 boards. One of my boards is called Amazing Pictures, it shows beautiful and spectacular pictures, from around the world. Another one is called 'You never can have too many shoes' which you can guess, is about my love of shoes. I've even dedicated one of my boards to my favourite show on TV, called Scandal. 

It has been very popular with other pinners, lots of the photos have been re pinned many times and it has a growing number of followers,

Another well liked board, is a board that features everything related to weddings. I've seen some amazing wedding dresses, cakes and scenery for weddings on Pinterest and as I make handmade wedding jewellery and accessories, I thought it would be of interest to my followers, who have repined my bridal items, to create a board that might be of interest to them. So if your getting married, take a look at my 'Wedding' board, there are so many tips and ideas for you, if your not sure about what type of wedding you would like to have. 

Last but not least, is my 'Cute' board, which is a personal favourite of mine. You'll see lots of cute and cuddly adorable animals, they will make you laugh and smile. Some of them are really funny to look at, so if your in need cheering up, take a look. 

If you would like to have a closer look at my boards, you can click on the link here

If you've never tried Pinterest, give it a go, it's an excellent way to promote your business and also to just have fun, pinning stuff that you like and are interested in. Leave a comment and let me know what you like to pin, if you are on Pinterest.  

Bye for now!


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