Saturday, 28 April 2012


Well I finally finished my website and I published it.  I'm soo glad, it has been a labour of love and it was worth it. Got to say near the end, I was tweaking like crazy,  I lost count the amount of times I changed the colour of  the banner, then I was not sure of the font, this went on for 2 Days! Then I thought, stop it, just publish it, so I did on Thursday 26th April 2012 . Must confess I did a teeny tiny bit more tweaking, what, don't shake your head like that I can't help myself, lol.   

Saturday, 7 April 2012

My First Blog Post

Never done a blog before, argghhh, this is soo exciting. I always wondered what other bloggers found what to talk about, well have to say my subject of the day would be creating a website. If I am, honest I have really struggled to create this website. It has been very trying but I have persevered with it, why not, I have come along way and I have still got a while to go before I can sit back and smile and say yes I have done it.