Monday, 14 October 2013

Diagonal Stitch Bracelet

In February of this year I tried a couple of jewellery projects that involved using seed beads. I made a cross weave bracelet and a pair of bead woven earrings.

Pearl Cross Weave Bracelet 
Bead Weave Earrings
Both of these creations were first attempts and I really enjoyed the time I spent making them. To be honest when I use to come across projects like these, I use to think 'yikes', there is now way I can make something soo complicated, involving thread, needles and tiny beads that look pretty, but are a nightmare to pick up if you drop them on the floor and I'm speaking from experience!
Last weekend I made another bracelet, this one was a diagonal stitch bracelet, using red crystals, white pearls and light grey seed beads.


Once I completed the bracelet, I felt such a sense of achievement that now I want to try some more new projects involving seed beads. At the moment I'm making some new jewellery for the Christmas season, so I think I'll wait till the new year before I try another bead weaving project.
Bye for now.
Michelle x

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Jewellery of the Day!


I don't normally do two blog posts in one week, but I thought what is the best way in getting a message across,  I then had a light bulb moment and thought why don't I just put it on my blog!
I have decided to create a daily promotion called 'Jewellery of the Day' on my website. Each day will be picking an item of jewellery or accessory from my website, which I will be offering at a discount of upto 50% off,  for that day only!
Don't forget to check out my website daily, to see which jewellery or accessory is on offer that day. I'll also mention it daily on my Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram pages. I'll pop my links down below.
Bye for now

Michelle  x