Friday, 19 July 2013

Men's Bracelet Collection 2013

One of my best sellers in my Etsy shop are my Vintage Coin Cufflinks.
I have sold these coin cufflinks, with dates from to 1947 to 1966, as birthday presents and also as wedding gifts for the ushers, in a wedding party. 

Until now, that was really how far I'd ventured into men's jewellery/accessories. But with the fantastic hot weather that we've been having lately and everyone out and about enjoying themselves in the sun, I've seen lots of men with rolled up shirt sleeves or wearing t-shirts, that have been wearing smart and masculine bracelets and that has been the approach I have gone for, with my men's bracelet collection for 2013.

First up, is a black and white zebra jasper bracelet. The beads have an unusual black and white pattern, that look will remind you of a zebra.

Black and White Zebra Jasper Bracelet

This is a rainbow jasper bracelet, the beads have  beautiful shades of green, red and brown.
Rainbow Jasper Bracelet 
I love the shine and glossy look of this hermatite bracelet. The beads have a dark grey/gun metal colour.
Silver and Hermatite Bracelet
I have used shiny wooden black beads for this bracelet, the gold beads have been added to the front,  to break up the continuity of the dark coloured beads.
Black and Gold Bracelet
 Last, but not least is a bracelet made with very unusual gemstone beads.  They are called Unakite beads and have a mottled green and pink colouring. This bead is also  a member of the Jasper gemstone family.
Unakite Bracelet
I hope to be adding some more bracelets to this collection, later on in the year. Since we've had glorious sunshine for the past couple of weeks, I've been making ankle bracelets, which for me is one of my favourite summer time jewellery to wear.
If you would like a closer look at the above bracelets and find out the useful properties of the gemstones that they have been made with, head over to my website at
Also, while your there, don't forget to take a peek at the new ankle bracelets, listed this week.
Enjoy your weekend.

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