Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Quotes that inspire me.

There is a quote that I like to say to myself when I need to give myself a kick up the bum. You know how it, when you feel like your in a rut and you don't know how to get out of it. The quote is, 'If you keep doing the same thing, you will keep having the same results'. I can't remember where I came across this quote, but I have applied it to different sections of my life and I can say, by tweeking and changing the way I do certain things, it has resulted in different outcomes, it has often been useful in my personal and business life.

I have a Pinterest account and I've created a board, after coming across several inspirational quotes. My board is called 'Loving this Quote' and it contains several quotes that I have liked so much that I have repinned them.

This quote encourages you to make a decision and  not stand still.

 Three choices

This one encourages you to take control of your life and not let someone else do it for you.
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This is one of my favorites, we are all special and we are all unique.


I like to refer to my quotes on days when I get a creative or writers block or feeling blah, after all we are all humans and we can all have off days.

If  you would like to see what else is on my Pinterest boards click on the link

Do you have a quote that inspires you?


  1. Brilliant quotes, I also have a Pinterest board full of words which inspire me or just make me laugh:

    My current favourite is 'She's a mess of gorgeous chaos and you can see it in her eyes'

  2. Hi Dawn,
    Now started following your board full of words, there are wonderful nuggets of life. x