Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Pearls are a girls best friend.

One of my favorite types of jewellery to make is bridal jewellery. I thought about expanding my range of jewellery to include bridal jewellery in late 2011. I love the beauty of pearls, whether they are freshwater, glass pearls, e.t.c. I remember giving my mother a gift of pearls a few years back. They were ivory faux pearls and they just glowed in the box, I wanted to keep them for myself. Pearls do feature alot in my jewellery, as do crystals, which go so well  together. Crystals and rhinestones add a bit of bling to jewellery, nothing like a bit of sparkle to make you feel special and get you noticed. 

At the moment I'm creating a number of bridesmaid jewellery sets, consisting of earrings and matching necklaces. I have used traditional colours such as white and ivory, but nowadays brides are more adventurous with their bridal colours, there will be lots of, purple (my favorite colour), gold, pink, mint, silver, grey... e.t.c.  It's been soo much fun creating my collections, I can't wait to show them off.

Here's a sneak peek of one of the set of bridesmaid necklaces that I have made, as I said before, pearls and crystals love each other.

Both my online shops stock a selection of bridal jewellery.

My new bridesmaid jewellery collections will be launched in October.

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